Trusted Post Traumatic Stress Disorder Therapist

Total Mindshift is growing rapidly – no doubt due to the effect of the global pandemic, which is creating huge physical, mental and emotional problems that people are experiencing.

We have a team of hand-picked therapists, who service our clients in the way that we like them to be looked after.

Online OCD Therapy Specialist In UK

However, we often struggle with the increasing workload. To this end, we are looking for more therapists, counsellors and specialists to join our team.

Our system is simple. We pass the clients to you for a set rate, and you take them over from there.

Initially, you may not receive much work – especially if you specialise in a certain area of mental health. As such, we are waiving our annual admin fee (normally £99) for 6 months.


Professional Mental Health Therapist In UK

The criteria are simple:

You must be insured

You must be certified or qualified in your chosen field (i.e., hold a diploma, certificate, or a degree)

We would need a photo and a summary of your treatment.

If this is of interest to you, please contact us via the Contact page where we can communicate with you

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