Total Mindshift Services Offered in 2021

Mindset Mentoring Services Offered

The normal cost for a session is £80

However, for visitors to our website/Facebook group, the cost is just £35. This, of course, is subject to availability, as my services are usually booked well in advance due to referrals, etc.

How to apply: email me or use the online support chat button below. It would help if you gave a brief outline of any challenges you face that are causing you to seek my assistance

Personal Support and Mentoring Services Offered

Are you struggling with life? Are you frightened re Coronavirus, and want to talk it through? Do you need someone to talk to who won’t judge you under any circumstances? Are you carrying around guilt, shame, etc., that you cannot share with people close to you and is proving too much to bear?

Personal Support and Mentoring Services Offered

Send me an email to with a brief outline of the challenge(s) that you face.

Then let’s go from there.
Life is worth living. Nothing is too problematic that it cant be resolved – indeed when it is resolved you become a happier person. So let me help you.
Do it today in total and absolute confidence.

General homeworking assistance Services Offered

All of the general homeworking assistance and support are FREE. This is our way of ‘giving back’ for the wonderful lifestyle that we have achieved over the last 30 years.

Why not tap into one of the top recruiting and training couples in the UK? You could, of course, go it alone, but that would be like trudging through treacle! That can be time-consuming, costly, and extremely stressful.

Give it a try – go to the About Us page, and check out what we offer. Or, email (or click the support chat button below in office hours) and let us know the type of challenges that you are facing. We will soon let you know whether we can assist you or not.

We look forward to helping you, as our way of ‘giving back.
Karen and Trevor

We offer a range of services and support that is unrivaled in the home business world.

These services will be added to as and when the need arises. Check our blog regularly for updates, and tips and ideas

You are never alone. Talk to us! Use the Contact page for initial inquiries

Fully insured

 Karen Blake

Total Mindshift

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