Narrated Meditation

We have prepared a series of excellently narrated meditations by our Associate Emma, for whenever you want, or need to get off the planet for a while, into your own space.

Take time out to listen – you will be amazed at the results.

Check out the different meditations – there’s something for everyone.

Start your day right with this morning meditation:

Have you ever done a body scan meditation? Try this:

Stop comparing, with this guided meditation:

Reclaim your emotions:

Are you always striving for perfection? Relax, we’ve got you:

Nourish yourself with our meditation:

Do you suffer from Imposter syndrome? This mediation will help you:

Emma shares the Waffles Sleep Story:

Heres’ how to meditate your way to deep relaxing sleep:

An excellent balance meditation from Emma:

A calming anxiety meditation:

Boost your resilience with this meditation:

Pregnant? A mediation for mum and baby:

A mediation for calm your anxious mind:

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