17 Traits of a Highly Sensitive Person(HSP)

Let’s find out if you are an HSP – Highly Sensitive Person

Being a highly sensitive person presents challenges. But, conversely, it has advantages too – so relax, and read on…

An HSP – highly sensitive person is a term for someone who is thought to have a deeper central nervous system that is extremely sensitive to emotional, physical, or social stimuli.

Some call it SPS – sensory processing sensitivity.

While HSP’s are sometimes described as being “too sensitive” in a derogatory way, it is a personality trait that brings both challenges and strengths.

These terms were initially penned by psychologists Elaine and Arthur Aron in the mid-1990s. Interest in the concept of HSP has grown enormously since then.

As an HSP, you will show kindness and empathy towards your friends and colleagues. You will also have the ability to solve problems, which is good, especially in a relationship.

Conversely, you may tend to freeze under pressure and can take any negative feedback (however mild or well-meaning) as an affront to you personally, both in your work life and private life.

Characteristics of an HSP

HSP’s pick up on more stimuli both within, and surrounding them. Various studies have shown that the HSP brain is very active in areas related to attention, emotion, action-planning, and decision-making. However, this can also drain the person and lead to a spike in overthinking situations. Professional people who are HSP’s are highly creative, deeply committed to fairness, and have a tremendous knack for leading a team in a way that others cannot do.

Are you empathetic?

Science has shown that HSPs possess a keen ability to sense others’ feelings, needs, insecurities, etc. Highly sensitive people are shown to have more active mirror neurons. These are responsible for understanding another person’s emotions. Your empathy and your emotional intelligence make you a master at communication, conflict resolution, and above all inspiring others to action. Unfortunately, you may also slip into people-pleasing and putting others’ needs. ahead of your own.


Let’s see if you can call yourself a Highly Sensitive Person. Try answering these questions:

People often say to you – “don’t take things personally”.

You panic or freeze when put under pressure.

You don’t seem able to cope easily with negative feedback.

You often have a need for some quiet downtime and prefer being or working at home, enjoying your own company, wrapped in your own thoughts.

You are often overwhelmed by loud, noisy, crowded places, bright lights, etc.

In your mind, you take a lot of time over a decision-making process to ensure that they are the right ones to make.

You are creative and are a good problem solver.

You are highly tuned in to what is around you and notice many things that others miss.

You are polite, kind, and courteous to those around you.

You are highly sensitive, which can quickly turn the waterworks on, for the most minor thing – even something like a good commercial.

You tend to avoid violent movies or TV shows because they unsettle you.

You have a complex, rich inner life, complete with deep thoughts and intense feelings that go with it.

You can get very upset, frustrated or annoyed by people who don’t hold the same values or traits as you.

You like to be where you can control the stimuli around you, like your nice workspace, ambient lighting, and what you want around you.

One of the biggest things in your life is that you constantly strive for purpose and meaning. This is more important to you than money or the trappings of success.

You don’t want just a job or a business. Instead, you want a calling or a vocation to drive you.


Highly sensitive people can benefit immensely from finding ways to cope with the stresses they regularly face in one form or another. This is especially true for those people who do recognise themselves as highly sensitive, and those who have a partner or loved one who is more sensitive than the average person.

If you fit the criteria of an HSP, there is absolutely nothing wrong with that. We are all individuals. However, this can lead to a buildup of stress and unhealthy anxiety levels. so why not book a FREE 30-minute consultation with me, to help you keep your equilibrium? You may find it works wonders.

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