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Psychology is the study of mind and behaviour, which is a very broad definition. This shouldn’t however be discouraging, because, in reality, it isn’t as complicated as it sounds.

There are many different types of psychology and here we have listed those that have been acclaimed as separate by most scientists in the field. It’s important to understand that there are many subcategories and more are emerging as we start to understand the human mind on a deeper level.

To make it easier we have separated the main types of psychology into two categories: pure psychology and applied psychology.

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Finding Me

We all lose touch with ourselves at some point in life – it’s normal. Whether you’re middle-aged and facing the reality that your kids are leaving for college; or you have young kids and are just realizing that somewhere in the midst of being a parent, you’ve lost yourself; or if you’re facing the breakup of a marriage; or you’re leaving an abusive and oppressive marriage; or maybe you’re living the life set out for you by someone else – your parents, perhaps.

Whatever the reason, if you’ve ever looked into a mirror and thought, “Who is this person?” this book is for you.

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Health Habits

A short book (5 pages) on getting into, and maintaining healthy habits.

A must-read book


Finding Balance – Book of the Month

A wonderful book on how to find balance in your life for peace and happiness

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1% Better Every Day

Have you ever heard of kaizen? It is the Japanese art of self-improvement.

You really should try it – it can make an amazing difference to both your personal and work-life

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Overcoming Obstacles

How to Stop Anything From Getting in Your Way – a Must Read


Become The Best Version of Yourself

How to transform your life and claim your personal power, with Total Mindshift


Mental Health – The Complete Guide

A comprehensive guide to all aspects of mental health. Over 100 pages of information


The Different Parts of Our Brain

What happens in the different parts of our brains?

Where do our ideas, thoughts, dreams come from? This short and interesting book reveals the answers to those questions!

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