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“We transform people’s lives to become the person they truly want to be, with a life they want to live”

about me

Thanks for stopping by. I am Karen, a highly successful Personal Crisis Practitioner

I am happily married to a guy called Trevor (who helps me with the technical side of things) and I have a wonderful family, children, and grandchildren. 

Years ago I was just like you, searching for a way to be the real me, the authentic me, the person I know I was meant to be, the ‘me’ that I am today. 

Like so many others, I have had some sad and very tough times during my life which I have come through. I now live with a happy heart. 

I lost my son in tragic circumstances when he was just 25 years old, so I know real pain and grief on a totally personal level. I have a stepdaughter who lives with Borderline Personality Disorder. I personally have battled and successfully overcome addiction, which has led me to devote my life to helping others who are caught in that situation.

As you can see, it hasn’t just been all sunshine and flowers for me although I have a lot to be grateful for. I love the life I am living and live life with passion. I would be happy to show you, teach you, help and guide you to transform your life so that you can live a happy, contented and fulfilled life with a passion too.

The bad news is that I am a victim of my own success, and I have a thriving, successful and very busy (too busy!) practice. A while ago we saw this happening as more and more clients were referred to me, and although I have a desire to help everyone, it practice I simply cannot do it.

So we built a strong, powerful team of hand-picked practitioners in their respective fields to help everyone that comes through our virtual doors. Each specialist is fully vetted, licensed and insured. so now I am happy to say we can cover anything and everything that is thrown at us! Take the initial consultation, so we can decide who is best suited to assist you.

All of our team are conversant with our unique POWER method (developed over many years, through experience)

We can help you with:-

Emotional shopping
Deep-rooted habits
Panic attacks
PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder)
Relationship challenges, both physical and emotional
Your goals in life, and direction
Grief from the loss of loved ones, and beloved pets
Befriending your mind monsters

Addiction (drink, drugs, sex, etc.)
…and many more.

It is my guess that you are here because you have reached a time in your life where you feel you want and need to get some help with the problems and challenges you’re facing. We can help you to be the person you want to be without these problems holding you back.

Book a FREE, 30-minute private non-judgemental call with me, to find out exactly how we can help you get back on track, and who is best suited to help you accomplish it.

Click the image below to check out the stories of just some of the clients that we have helped. I know that we can help you too.


Warmest wishes

Karen Blake

Personal Crisis Practitioner™
Fully Insured

Creator of the POWER method

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Total Mindshift
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Denise BedsonDenise Bedson
10:40 07 Feb 22
Karen is a warm, kind and compassionate lady who has helped me with my mindset on several occasions. She has a wonderful gift and I would highly recommend her.
Susie AnthonySusie Anthony
16:03 28 Jan 22
Karen is a very special mentor. Her compassion, empathy and wisdom come from surviving and thriving after experiencing really powerful life changing situations. You can trust her diamond-like brilliance and deep caring. She is the real deal .
Doris NealeDoris Neale
08:21 27 Jan 22
A wonderful service. She helped boost my confidence in one session. I highly recommend her