About Me

Welcome to the best chance of leading your best life as the best possible version you!

What do I mean? 

I did courses, read self-help books by the dozen and studied all forms of religion trying to find something, but at the time I wasn’t sure what it really was I was looking for.

I am happily married and I have a wonderful family, children, and grandchildren. 

Years ago I was just like you, searching for a way to be the real me, the authentic me, me I know I was meant to be, me I am today. 

I have had some sad and very tough times during my life which, I have come through and I now live, with a happy heart.  I lost my son in tragic circumstances at just 25 years old, and I have a stepdaughter who lives with Borderline Personality Disorder. I personally have battled addiction, which has led me to devote my life to helping others who are caught in that situation.

As you can see, it hasn’t just been all sunshine and flowers for me although a lot has, I have a lot to be grateful for. I love the life I am living and live life with passion. I would be happy to show you, teach you, to transform your life to live a life with a passion too

Warmest wishes

Karen Blake BANH TFT-DX

H’oponopono Practitioner

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