6 Amazing Steps to Calm Your Inner Child!

How To Calm Your Inner Child – Introduction

As adults, we’re taught to suppress our emotions. We’re told that if we cry or feel anger, it’s a sign of weakness. So what happens when you work hard your entire adult life to master the art of emotional suppression? Your inner child is festering inside, waiting for an opportunity to emerge.

Meditation can be the perfect way to calm your inner child. Take time for yourself and do something fun, creative, or relaxing. Do something that makes you happy and feel alive! simply meditation can help you get in touch with your inner child so that you can inspire and be inspired.

If we still have a lot of work to do on ourselves, it’s not because we don’t want to, but because we are afraid of what will happen if we change our lives. We fear taking risks and maybe even facing something we have buried deep within us.

Sit somewhere quiet and breathe deeply as you connect with your Inner Child and take these easy and simple, yet, fantastically productive and successful tips to meet and calm your inner you, your mini-me.

calm your inner child

How to Calm your Inner Child

1) Once connected, talk to your mini-me as though you’ve been introduced for the very first time, be interested in them ask questions

2) Once you’re comfortable with each other ask her/him if they are hurting? How they are hurting, what happened to them to make them hurt.

3) Show them you care, listen, soothe them, as you wish you had been soothed when you were hurting like they are, as a child

4) Tell them what you believe would have been helpful to you in their situation at their age. i.e something that you wish you’d known then which, would have helped you put things into perspective allowing you to move on.

6) Make sure they know that they are very loved, that you are proud of them. You can even tell them they turned out OK. reassure them you are there for each other, That he/she can also help you, by talking with you, helping you to see things with wonderment through the eyes of a child

My meditation music may help you relax and keep you focused when preparing and then speaking with your inner child, your mini-me, through the getting to know each other again process, You can do it little by little rather than sit and do all six steps in one session. It would be good to take it slowly so you can really delve deeply into each of the 6 parts,

Heel your inner child and you release yourself from past traumas. 2 hrs of free meditation music can be found on my website here Enjoy, making the rest of your life the best of your life!

Calm Your Inner Child – Summary

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